Newbie-Only Coffee Social - Monday Dec 10, 7pm

Want to find a community where you really fit in but don't know how to get started?

Good news, you are kinky and there’s a whole community waiting for you. But maybe you’re new to all this and don’t know where to start.

Here’s one way - join us at our Newbie Only Coffee Social Monday, December 10 beginning at 7 PM.

If you are curious, don’t know who to talk to, what’s a safe way to play or even safe way to meet new kinky people, then the Society of Janus Newbie Only Coffee Social is for you.

Maybe you've always been curious about the kink/BDSM scene but you'd like some support while you explore. Or you want to talk to people who have an idea of what you're going through. Sometimes you just want to meet a few friendly faces before your first kink class or event.

The SoJ Mentoring Director and Welcoming Director co-host a very casual, very low key and very highly rated get-together. We'll be answering questions and sharing experiences after having been in the scene for a couple years. This is your chance to meet fellow newbies in a respectful and low-pressure setting where there are no stupid questions. Find out more about the Society of Janus or about getting a mentor.

The Newbie Only Coffee Social is held at San Francisco’s best kink-positive coffee shop Wicked Grounds, 289 8th Street (between Howard and Folsom; three blocks from BART), San Francisco. Look for us in the back and grab some coffee, a meal, or just a snack to support the coffee shop.

The Social is open to all 'new' members of the Kinky Community. You need not be a Janus Member to attend. More experienced kinksters must get approval from the Mentoring Director. Reservations are not required but it helps if you can let us know so we can make sure they don’t run out of Lattes for you.

Not sure if you're new or have a topic to propose? Send an email to mentoring (at) with any questions or ideas. Hope to see you there.