Newbie Only Folsom Stroll - Folsom Fair Sunday the 23rd at 10:30am

Nervous? First time at Folsom?

You’re invited to the Newbie Only Folsom Stroll, a walking tour of Folsom Fair before it all gets too crazy

NO Folsom Stroll

When: Folsom Fair Sunday at 10:30 am (Sharp)
Where: Gather at the Society of Janus (SOJ) Charity Spanking Booth ( On 9th between Folsom and Harrison)
Cost: Free!

  • Intimidated by the idea of coming to the Folsom Street Fair?
  • Don’t want to go alone for the first time?
  • Just curious but feeling courageous?
  • Want a short guided tour?
  • Need some help straightening your stocking seams, lacing your boots or tightening your corset?
  • Interested in meeting others just like you?

SOJ Welcoming officer Dr. Anna invites you to come to an Intro Stroll Down Folsom Street for Newbies at 10:30 am Sunday. We’ll be gathering in the Society of Janus Charity Spanking Booth at 9th and Folsom– (look for my pink feather boa) and we’ll get oriented, introduce ourselves and take a short stroll through the Fair before it gets crowded. We plan on about an hour. Who knows, you might just make a few new like-minded friends.

No stress, no dress code (though wearing black is always a safe option), no names required. All orientations, roles, ages, genders and interests are welcome. Public identity concerns? Wigs, masks and makeup are always an option.

Note: You DON'T have to be a SOJ member to stroll, just a newbie or first time to Folsom.

We here at Society of Janus are all about making your entry into the world of bdsm/kink - safe and welcoming; plus free of humiliation and pain (well, unless you like those!)

Society of Janus is a San Francisco based community support and education organization to those interested in BDSM and kink. We teach classes, hold events, do community outreach and see ourselves as a safe haven for newbies and veterans alike. See you at 10:30am. Look for my pink feather boa and blue & gold parasol in the booth.

Message me if you’d like to let me know you are coming. RSVP is NOT necessary. Who knows, if we have a large crowd, we’ll just start our own newbie flash mob!

See you Sunday.
Welcoming Director
Dr. Anna