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Bend over, boardroom!

From the April 3, 2013 edition of the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

CAREERS AND ED: Bend over, boardroom
Beatrice Stonebanks wants to teach you how to be a corporate dominatrix


All too often in the workplace, women fight to hide their sexuality. In Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, the controversial feminist-treatise-of-the-moment on combating sexism in the corporate world, Sandberg references a tech worker who goes so far as to remove her earrings before coming to work, so fervently does the employee wish to minimize her gender lest it distract her male cohorts.

Beatrice Stonebanks takes a different tack. A sales consultant for 25 years now, and a member of the San Francisco BDSM scene for 16, she strode into a partners' meeting at her job in 2010 and wrote two words on the dry erase board for all to see. They were: corporate dominatrix.

Read the whole article!


February 2013 Growing Pains

Growing Pains' Peel and Seal is February 1st in the East Bay

This months peel-and-seal will be held in Oakland on Friday night, Feb 1st at 6pm.

It takes about an hour or two to stuff all the envelopes and stick on the mailing labels and stamps. We'll have some dinner first and then start the stuffing.

Please join us:
Los Canteros Restaurant
336 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 834-4300


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