Intro to Whips - Wednesday August 15th, 8-10pm

Society of Janus presents:

Intro to Whips with Zemis

Whip it, whip it good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 · 8–10:00 PM  
Location: Center for Sex & Culture, 1349 Mission St, SF (btw 9 &10th St)
Cost: $5 Janus members and reciprocal orgs, $15 all others.
Dress code: Whatever makes you feel good

About the program:
Are you wishing you could use your whip but your bottom or sub is too afraid or sensitive? Whips do not have to be just heavy pain and don't have to be very painful at all. Whips can be sensual, hypnotic, cathartic and yes, even magical. In this class topics will include learning how to movements of the whip to entice your bottom, ranges of kinds of strikes, safety, methods of taking your partner to higher pain thresholds so that they can soar to new heights, and how to incorporate dance while using the whip, creating scenes that allow for embracing power, focus, and strength for both Top and bottom.

About the presenter:
Zemis has been sharing her love of BDSM and whips with others for over 8 years. She is A Top, a Mistress, a Goddess, a Shaman, a Child, a Bottom, a Submissive, and a Slave, believing that it is all about the loving exploration and magic of it all. A true believer in the magic and power of the whip, she loves dancing with one in each hand, leaving sparkles as she caresses the skin, the face the only part of the body untouched. For Zemis, the whip is the most magical and versatile toy in her collection besides her body.

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