Other than programs, Janus holds various social gatherings and participates in leather/kink events during the year.

Typical events include the Janus "Sandwich Social" which is an hour of mingling with fellow members followed by a discount to an open play party at SF Citadel, Janus "movie nights," a Janus discount on a specific day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, and more.

Pride Parade and Celebration

Every year Janus has a contingent that marches in the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered Pride Parade on the last Sunday in June. SOJ also participates in Leather Alley by providing volunteers for the demo area at the celebration after the parade.

Folsom Street Fair

Since Folsom's beginnings, Janus has had a presence and in the late 90s started the Janus Charity Spanking and Flogging Booth where we let fairgoers "sample" spankings, flogging and the like for a small donation (it starts at $5). For the past few years, the booth has taken in more than $2000 each year.

In addition, we have a "Member Area" where Janus members and their guests can take a rest, get some water and get out of the sun (especially nice during those hot years).

Other events from the past

Other fun events that Janus has put on in past years include the Top/Bottom/Switch auction, a Bondage Beauty Pageant, Kinky Camping and more.

The best way to find out what events might be upcoming, visit the Janus Community Calendar or check out the Social, Program and Outreach blogs.