For Newbies

New to kink?

For some, jumping into kink is easy. But for a many of us, it can be scary to explore the kink aspects of our lives.

The Society of Janus has been helping folks explore kink for more than 35 years and we remain committed to providing a safe, comfortable way for people to learn more about BDSM.

We have two officers dedicated to helping newcomers enter the kink world and find their way: the Mentoring Director and the Welcoming Director. The Mentoring Director created the monthly Newcomer Only Coffee Social. The Welcoming Director is available for new folks to answer questions.

Newcomer Only Coffee Social

The Newcomer Only Coffee Social is a monthly low-key coffee get together where you may meet other new folks and ask questions about the scene (there are no stupid questions -- we've had them too!). See the calendar for time and location.

Newcomer Adventures

Newcomer Adventures are occasional group trips to kink-related events, often with a dinner beforehand to help break the ice. Newcomer Adventures are posted on the calendar.


You may speak with the Mentoring Director at these events about being paired with an experienced Mentor, in a non-play relationship, to learn more about specific areas of interest.

Please see the mentoring page for more information.

If you're new, feel free to contact us or come by the Newcomer Only Coffee Social. It can be intimidating in the beginning. Janus is here to help welcome you to kink.