Another aspect of Janus that makes us different is our ongoing Mentoring Program.

This is not a dating service, but a way for those new to kink to be matched up with someone who can help guide them; and a way for those who have been in the community to give back and help guide the next generation of kinksters.

There are three parts - getting a mentor, being/becoming a mentor and the "Newcomer Only Coffee Socials."

Getting a Mentor

For those new to kink, it's important to have a person to trust and be able to ask anything. The kink world has so many different sides, some with protocols, some with rules, and some that require knowledge just to understand.

You've heard the saying "There are no stupid questions." Even when you think it's a stupid question, a good Mentor will listen, answer and not be judgmental. We have all been at the beginning of this journey and made some mistakes. Mentoring is a way to connect and learn.

Most Mentor/Mentee relationships are structured so that it doesn't interfere with normal life. Think of it like a "big brother" or "big sister" program where new kinksters who are really excited, can get their questions answered, get some assurance when needed and make the journey to becoming contributing members of our big, kinky family.

Being/Becoming a Mentor

We're always looking for Mentors for new Janus members!

Giving just a little bit of your time to a Newcomer kinkster (even
over the phone or by email) will make a huge difference!
You can talk with your Mentee about your experiences, answer their questions, help them find their way, and be one of their resources.

What's more, the Mentoring Program provides lots of outside support to both Mentors and Mentees.

It's a great way to give back for all the gifts we have been given in our kinky life.

Newcomer-Only Coffee Social and Adventures

The Mentoring and Welcoming Directors host a "Newcomer Only Coffee Socials" and organize "Newcomer Adventures." The coffee socials are a place where you can ask questions without being judged, in total safety and comfort. The Newcomer Adventures are often organized trips to events such as the Peer Rope Group or other presentations so Mentees can go with each other.

Mentors, if you think your Mentee should attend some event, we can help by assigning a "Newcomer Liaison" to answer questions and provide additional support if you're unavailable.

If you are interested in a Mentor or becoming a Mentor, email mentoring (at) soj (dot) org for more information.

Remember, this is a volunteer organization and we'll process requests as fast as we can, but sometimes it take a bit of time to find a good Mentee/Mentor match. This program is not meant as a service to hook people up with play partners - that's what our social events do so well.

Thanks, everyone.

The Mentoring Director