Janus holds a monthly Munch at noon on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Thirsty Bear restaurant in San Francisco.

What is a munch?

A munch is a social gathering of kinky people in a low-key, non-play environment. Typically munches are held at restaurants or coffee shops. People who attend wear regular street clothes and are not "cruising," but meeting other members of the community and making new friends.

About the SOJ Munch

The Janus San Francisco Munch draws about 40 to 50 people each month. Ages range from 20s to 60s; the largest age group is often 30s to 40s. It is a mixed crowd of all genders and orientations, some into D/s, some into SM, some into other kinks.

We see people who are just discovering the scene and people who have been educators and authors and have been recognized in the community for many years.

We expect polite and respectful behavior toward all attendees.


There is a $5.00 per person fee to enter, which covers coffee, soft drinks and the room itself for our group. You may also order from the excellent lunch menu -- please pay enough to cover your meal, tax and a decent tip. The staff enjoys our group and we want to make sure they are well compensated for their time and service. Each table receives a check to share; the restaurant will allow you to use a card and specify the amount to contribute.

Your $5.00 entrance fee will also give you a coupon for $5.00 off any Citadel-sponsored Saturday night party within three months.

Time and location

Society of Janus Munch
Second Saturday of each month, at noon
Thirsty Bear Restaurant
661 Howard St, San Francisco, CA
Two blocks from Montgomery BART/Muni Station
$5.00 admission, plus cost of your food order, tax and tip

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