SoJ Records and Collection at the LA&M

The Leather Archives & Museum, which serves and preserves the culture and history of Leather and BDSM communities worldwide, has recently added the Society of Janus's entire trove of historical content to their archive. This collection (fifteen containers in all!) includes interviews, artwork, published material, and assembly records.

"The LA&M is both honored and excited to acquire the Society of Janus records. We look forward to making this pivotal part of our history available to scholars, kinky folks curious about their history and future generations of both."
Rick Storer
Leather Archives & Museum

"I’m very excited to know that the Janus archives are finally placed in a research institution; Janus is one of the most important SM organizations ever, and its records are invaluable. There’s a lot of kinky history in those boxes -- now preserved properly, for educational benefit and historical authority."
Beatrice Stonebanks
Society of Janus Coordinator

The Leather Archives & Museum is located in Chicago, IL and offers exhibits and programs that chronicle all things kink.

The SoJ's history spans decades, so we are proud to have it permanently preserved for the ages!