Over $5k Raised at Folsom!

Folsom is over, and after more than 125 volunteers put in more than 330 hours of time, we grossed over $5,000 at the spanking and flogging booth. That's an incredible total, especially given how hot it was. We are so thankful and in awe of everyone who generously gave their time and/or money to make it all happen.

Money from the booth will be given to The Divine Deviance Documentary Project. But their fundraising isn't over for this endeavor to make an insightful, non-sensationalistic documentary about kink that will be amazing resource for education and perspective. You can still give to this awesome project by going to app.mobilecause.com/vf/Deviant or texting the word "Deviant" to number 71777.

Every year, we put together a Charity Spanking & Flogging Booth at the fair, with a members area attached to it as well. It's one of the biggest booths at the fair and it takes a ton of work to put it together.

The amazing thing is, like everything with SoJ, its all volunteer. Members and non-members volunteer to help us build, staff, and tear down the booth.

So what does that require?

  • Approximately 125 volunteers (this doesn't even count the people who show up day of and offer their help, so this number is actually higher)
  • 334 Hours of volunteering (actually, this is probably quite a bit higher, as many people stayed on to do extra shifts, help tear down, etc). Thats the equivalent of nine 40-hour work weeks compressed into 2 days!
  • 137 miles of driving to get equipment from storage, to the fair, and back again.

Many of these volunteer efforts took place early morning or late night after a long day. The rest took place under the blazing sun. Yet everyone had an amazing, positive attitude, truly acting as ambassadors for the community and creating something great.

We are humbled and honored by the contributions of those who so generously offered their time. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!