New Site Launching Soon

Regular visitors to our web site are going to notice a considerable change in the upcoming weeks.

The Society of Janus is getting some final touches prepped and polished on a major site overhaul. This will become's third incarnation (the last big change was in 2009) and it brings with it a couple of new firsts. Rather than replacing the entire domain, we're modernizing the toolsets that the officers use to keep information coming to you (and to us) while keeping all of the relevant parts that get visited/used the most. There are some significant changes that will make things a lot better, including a full move to HTTPS (to keep your visits safe), a payment portal to start/renew your membership from the site (which has been a long time coming), and tablet/smartphone awareness (so content is displayed with those smaller screens in mind). Other things like the community calendar, contact portals, and details on membership perks are staying right where they are.

There are still some things we want to improve but there is enough in place now that the site can begin its service to the Bay Area BDSM community, and we are really excited to bring it to you. You might hit a maintenance page or a hiccup soon after launch so we ask for your patience and understanding during this transition time. Like any successful D/s dynamic, a lot of time, effort, and care goes into training or conditioning the right side of the slash, and that's kinda where we're at with the site right now.

See you on the new site soon!