Thank You to All Our Amazing Members and Volunteers!

The Membership Appreciation Party was this past Saturday and we hope everyone who braved the rain had an excellent time. We saw lots of hot scenes and new connections being formed. This party was a celebration of you, thanking you for your support in helping Society of Janus create opportunities for socializing, education, and outreach. We are an organization for, by, and of our members -- thank you for being part of our 43 years of kinkiness!

Of course, like any event of this size, it takes a lot of people to make it all happen. So thank you to all those who volunteered to keep things moving last night. Registration, coat check, DMs, kitchen, setup and cleanup takes a lot of people who took time away from play and socializing, and we hugely appreciate it. After sickness sidelined a few people, others stepped up to make things happen. It was a night that reminds us what community is all about.