Many people ask what is involved in the various officer positions. Full descriptions are available, but here are the short versions. Yes, some of these are tongue-in-cheek. Being an officer is way more fun than it looks in the minutes published in our monthly mailings!

Our elections are in April of each year, and appointed positions are filled at the May Business meeting. All positions come with a spiffy badge and some privileges.

Certain offices are done as a team effort since the tasks are often beyond the scope of mere mortal volunteers.

If you want to become involved as an officer, we suggest you attend a Janus business meeting as a good start. This often attracts new volunteers (and sometimes makes then run screaming from the room - just kidding). For more information, contact us.

Here are the offices, with a smile:


BUSINESS MEETING MODERATOR - Conducts Business Meetings and the Annual Meeting. Sometimes similar to being a judge on TV.

COMMUNICATIONS SECRETARY - Manages SOJ's Hotline, e-mail and postal mail by responding to inquiries or forwarding messages. Good at returning messages is somewhat of a prerequisite.

COORDINATOR - The closest thing SOJ has to a presidency, except without any of the perks or cool oval office. Ability to multi-task, shmooze and diplomatically tell people to take a flying leap is helpful.

GROWING PAINS EDITOR - Produces the monthly newsletter (only a 4 pager every other month). Do the graphics end, the information gathering end, or both.

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY - Performs membership administrative functions. Know who everyone is, but keep their secrets safe.

ORIENTATION DIRECTOR - Conducts Orientation meetings. A little like having your own talk show. Meet all the fresh prospective members!

OUTREACH DIRECTOR - Arrange/maintain SOJ presence in community events (Folsom and Pride Fairs) and publications to attract new members. Arranges speakers for college presentations on BDSM. Reaching out and touching a good thing.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR - Plan, schedule and present educational programs. Perfect if you've been saying, "I could put on a better class than that!"

RECORDING SECRETARY - Records the minutes at Business Meetings and the Annual Meeting. Takes a few hours a month, you get to go to all the business meetings and write a fun quotation after your name in the minutes.

TREASURER - Performs financial duties and tracks assets. You hold the checkbook, you know where the money goes.


ARCHIVIST - Manages SOJ's archives. Approves requests to have them viewed. No dusting of old files required.

CASHIER - Collects funds/fees at SOJ events. Say hello to everyone right at the door. Toplessness optional.

EVENTS LINE SECRETARY - Records a calendar of upcoming events on the phone line. Should be able to give good phone.

LIAISON DIRECTOR - Represent Janus to organizations like Woodhull, SFSI, CARAS, and NCSF. Diplomats and schmoozers welcome.

MENTORING DIRECTOR - Oversees and manages the Mentoring program. Match up new Janus members with someone who can help answer their questions.

MUNCH DIRECTOR - Create social gatherings where community regulars and newcomers can get together in a casual, low-pressure environment.

POSTMASTER - Picks-up from PO Box and distributes mail at business meetings, classes, prisons or wherever fellow officers can be found.

TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR - Maintains SOJ's web site and systems. That startup not as fun as you expected? This is the job for you.

WELCOMING DIRECTOR - Organizes and hosts opportunities to welcome newcomers in a safe and comfortable space for questions and learning; serves as a bridge and resource for those who are new to the kink community and the Society of Janus.