Online Renewals

Online Renewals
There are two ways to renew:

  1. Send your check to: The Society of Janus, PO Box 411523, SF, CA 94141-1523
  2. Call and share your credit card info: email for the phone number

Note: please do not send cash. If you need to pay with cash, let us know and we can meet with you in person, email:


Q: Can I pay for a new membership on-line?
A: Not yet. But we're working on it!

Q: I'm part of a two/three person membership, but one of them is not renewing, how should this be handled?
A: Just make note of that when you place your order, or email

Q: I can't find my membership number anywhere. Can I renew without it?
A: Your membership number is required, but if you can't find it, we'll do our best to help, just email

Q: I'm moving. Can I change my address when I renew?
A: Yes, just share the new address on the form and we'll make it happen. Or email