Pride Parade and Celebration

Sunday, June 29, 2009 is the annual SF Pride parade. As it has for many years, Janus is planning to have both a marching contingent in the Parade and an Outreach booth (now with demos) during the Pride Celebration.

The annual Pride event is a celebration of freedom for those of all sexual orientations and interests.


If you've never done it, walking up Market Street in front of an estimated half million people is something you will not soon forget.

Janus marches inside of the Leather Contingent, a gathering of the various leather groups in San Francisco and beyond. The Leather Contingent is often the largest single group in the Parade, grouping hundreds of marchers under the leather designation.

If you want to march, watch for information in the Growing Pains/Rapid Release. You can help by volunteering.

For the parade, we'll need 2 - 4 people to be "Contingent Monitors" to help keep the marchers safe. There is special training for these volunteers, times, dates and locations (both SF and East Bay) to be announced after May 15.

Leather Alley/Outreach Booth

Leather Alley is on Hyde Street between Golden Gate and McAllister and takes up the entire block. It's a gathering of the leather tribes in one place. There is an enclosed "Main Demo Stage" where community members display their techniques and answer crowd questions.

Janus will have an Outreach booth and will be cooperating with SF Citadel to demonstrate "PG-rated" play (basically no nudity or extreme edge play). This area is 10' x 50' with the Citadel booth at one end and the Janus booth at the other. This was a big crowd pleaser and lots of fun at the last Pride Celebration.

For this, we need volunteers to do outreach and for demos.

Outreach staff will talk to the public about Janus and answer questions. Demo staff will provide topping or support - helping the tops, working the crowds to get demo bottoms, cleaning equipment and the like.

The Parade begins at 10:30. The booth in Leather Alley will open at 11:00 and the demos will begin at Noon. It is possible to both march in the parade and volunteer for the booth.

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please email outreach (at) soj (dot) org.

Thanks, and we hope to see you at Pride.
Outreach Team