Growing Pains

One benefit of membership that distinguishes Janus from other groups is our long-standing newsletter.

Bi-monthly, we publish Growing Pains, featuring fiction and non-fiction articles, advice, drawings, photos, poetry, interviews and letters, depending on what's submitted.

Every month, we publish Rapid Release, a mailing with a schedule of current Janus and other SM-related events, munches, business meeting minutes, parties, and other time-sensitive information.

In the Rapid Release there are ads for kink-oriented merchants and craftspeople and kink-friendly professional services, all offering 10% off regular rates for Janus members.

While event times and locations are subject to printing deadlines, members can check the Janus Events Calendar on this website, watch for last minute email notices on the Janus Announce email list or call the Events Hotline for the latest information.

For any issures regarding your Growing Pains subscription (missing mail, change of address, vacation holds, unsubscribe, etc.) please contact the Membership Secretary using the Contact Form. Be sure to include your membership name and number.

Continue to the Growing Pains blog to read full issues and expanded articles


Thank you for your interest in placing an advertisement in the Society of Janus official newsletter, Yellow.

We have several options for you to select:

  • Text Only: This space is closest to the top of the newsletter, located by the SoJ Calendar. The headline should contain 3 to 5 words. The description below is limited to 20 words. No images are allowed in this space. One word can be linked back to your designated URL.
  • Leaderboard Image: 730 x 90 - Placement is in between editorial SoJ content. Your image can link back to your designated URL.
  • Square/Rectangle Image: 300 x 250 - Placement is below all editorial SoJ content. Your image can link back to your designated URL.
  • Inline Image and Text Mix: Image 150 x 150 - Placement is at the very bottom, above the SoJ footer. Your image is left justified and your text flows along side but not beyond the height of your image. Your URL may be displayed within the text content, but should not cause the entire text body to flow under the height of the image.

File Types:

  • .JPG/.JPEG
  • .GIF
  • .PNG

File Size:
No larger than 150kb

Graphical Layout:
Ads must take up the entire space of the image size you've chosen, and they can't appear sideways or upside down. Your submitted ad will be the final copy of the file. No adjustments (sizing, coloring, cropping) will be done by the SoJ volunteers.

Relevance and Quality:
Image ads must be relevant to the advertised site. Ad images must be clear and recognizable, with legible text. We don't allow unclear, blurry, or unrecognizable images to be used in ads.

All images are non-animated. No animated images are allowed. This includes strobing, flashing backgrounds, or otherwise distracting ads.

URL Link Tracking:
The SoJ does not provide link tracking at this time.

Layout Example (.PDF file, 3.6MB)

Please send an email to for more information and to inquire about pricing.