SOJ generally offers two to three programs or classes a month in San Francisco about various BDSM topics. Programs may include discussions, guest speakers, demonstrations and/or workshops. They usually run for about two hours, with a break in the middle of the program. Programs are $10 for members, $20 for their guests.

Programs are listed on the Janus Community Calendar at Details of the programs can also be found in the Programs blog on this website.

General Programs

Program topics have included:

* SM/Ds relationships
* The spirituality of SM
* Spanking
* Flogging/whipping techniques
* Electrical play
* Branding
* General BDSM safety
* Finding Partner
* Needle Play
* Edge Play
* Ask the doctor/lawyer
* Making your own toys
* Fisting
* Training
* Humiliation
* Bondage
* Terror play
* Service

The Janus Xplore Series

The Xplore Series provides a solid overview of various aspects of BDSM. The series is a survey of the play techniques and forms within broad categories of BDSM play. The Series also includes a "lab" in the form of a "Sampler Night," where multiple stations are provided for interested individuals to receive samples of various play techniques.

Attending Janus Programs

SOJ Programs are offered to Janus members and their guests, and to the general public who have a genuine interest in BDSM/leather/fetish/kink. Some programs may be designated "member only" which confines it to members and accompanying guests. These programs are well marked in advance promotional emails, printed material and notices.

SOJ Programs are also open - at member prices - to those in organizations with whom we have reciprocity agreements: smOdyssey (South Bay SM group), The 15 Association (SF men's SM group), The Exiles (SF women's SM group), Threshold in Los Angeles, TES in New York City, Black Rose in Washington, DC, APEX in Phoenix, AZ, and others.