Reciprocal organizations

Society of Janus is the second-oldest BDSM organized group in the United States. As a service to our members and in the spirit of being part of a much larger community, we have formed reciprocal agreements with like groups locally and around the country.

As a member, being a reciprocal member means that you can attend other group's events at members prices and with member privileges. Of course, we are all still bound by group restrictions (e.g. only males can attend a 15 Association play party; only female identifying persons can attend Exiles events).

For many Janus members who travel, reciprocity becomes a friendly calling card to organizations throughout the country and even the world (while we don't have any international reciprocals, we are quite well known around the globe). If you are visiting a city with a reciprocal group, we encourage you to contact them beforehand to find out information about events and current policies.

And in general, when you are in an unfamiliar city, showing your Janus card to kinky vendors or other SM groups often gets you a discount or member privileges. It's a way of saying "thanks" for supporting your local SM group with membership.

If you are an officer in a like-minded group in other parts of the US or even internationally and would like to set up a reciprocity agreement, please contact our Liaison Director, either through the contact form or by emailing liaison (at) soj (dot) org.

As of May 2009, here are the groups and organizations with which Janus has reciprocity agreements:

South Bay BDSM Group

The 15 Association
SF-based men-only SM group

The Exiles
SF-based women-only SM group

Los Angeles

The Eulenspiegel Society (TES)
the country's oldest SM Group, New York City

Black Rose
Washington, DC

Phoenix, AZ

Portland Leather Alliance
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA