Many people ask what is involved in the various officer positions. Full descriptions are available, but here are the short versions.

Our officer elections are in April of each year, and appointed positions are filled at the May business meeting. All positions come with a spiffy badge and some privileges.

Certain offices are done as a team effort since the tasks are often beyond the scope of mere mortal volunteers.


ARCHIVIST - Management of SOJ's archival records
Currently: Vacant

CASHIER - Collects funds at events
Currently: Vacant

CONSENT LIASON - Handles consent reports at SOJ events, gathers information, and recommends actions for safety and integrity while maintaining confidentiality
Currently: Vacant

LIAISON DIRECTOR - Coordinates communications and fosters relationships with other organizations, national and otherwise
Currently: Coco,

MENTORING DIRECTOR - Oversees and manages the SOJ Mentoring program
Currently: Meadow,

MUNCH DIRECTOR - Create social environments where the BDSM community can get together and network, and new people can be introduced to more experienced people
Currently: Veronica Bravo, and Miss A,

ORIENTATION SECRETARY - Performs secretarial duties for orientations
Currently: Vacant

POSTPERSON - Perform all duties regarding postal functions
Currently: Veronica Bravo,

TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR - Maintains SOJ's web site and technology infrastructure
Currently: HapticAlacrity,

VOLUNTEER MANAGER - Welcomes new members and solicits volunteers from the general membership
Currently: Adonis,

WELCOMING DIRECTOR - Welcome new members and provide information about activities and resources available to members
Currently: Brad (PassionEros) and Miss A,

BUSINESS MEETING MODERATOR - Conducts business meetings and the annual meeting
Currently: bluhbluhhugeb,

COMMUNICATIONS SECRETARY - Manages SOJ's communications
Currently: bluhbluhhugeb,

COORDINATOR - Sets the direction for the organization and assists in having things run smoothly
Currently: Frey,

EDITOR - Produces monthly newsletter
Currently: Jessamy Barker (LondonCalling),

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY - Performs membership administrative functions; protects membership information
Currently: Coco,

ORIENTATION DIRECTOR - Conducts monthly orientation meetings
Currently: Vacant

OUTREACH DIRECTOR - Maintains SOJ's presence in the community
Currently: Wiley,

PROGRAM DIRECTOR - Plan, schedule and present educational programs
Currently: Carmen PanDiego,

RECORDING SECRETARY - Records the minutes at business meetings and the annual meeting
Currently: Raven Nevermore,

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR - Plans and organizes social events for the benefit of members and their guests
Currently: Tatiana (FairyQueen) and ItzLiz,

TREASURER - Performs financial duties
Currently: MxMuffet,

If you want to become involved as an officer, we suggest you attend a Society of Janus business meeting as a good start. This often attracts new volunteers (and sometimes makes then run screaming from the room -- just kidding).