The Society of Janus is a non-profit organization that is run according to two documents -- the Operating Procedures and the Policies and Procedures (with Attachments). These have been a work in progress for many, many years. They reflect both long standing "core" principles of the SOJ, such as "run by the membership in regular business meetings," and more "tactical" issues, such as the cost of programs, the types of public information we distribute, and so on.

If you are a Janus member, reading through these documents will give you an excellent idea of what is needed to "change" Janus. Following the parliamentary mechanisms efficiently can yield effective, practical changes. You are strongly encouraged to read the rules and get involved by coming to the business meetings.

If you are a BDSM organization looking for sample rules to organize your own club, considering that Janus has managed to survive for over 40 years shows that this model has some staying power, albeit with a few bumps along the way. We welcome other groups to evaluate what we have done and take that which suits their needs.


The Operating Procedures set out the basics of meetings, events, elections, membership, etc.

The Consent & Code of Conduct Guidelines lay out the values we uphold at all of our events.

The COVID-19 Guidelines for Parties and Events are in effect until further notice.

The Policies and Procedures are the collected policies that are in current enforcement, while the Policy Attachments are considered part of the Policies and Procedures document.

The Bylaws are filed with the CA Secretary of State in regards to our not-for-profit status.

The Job Descriptions attempt to lay out the main responsibilities of the various officer positions in the organization.